An overview of Nodejs for those who don’t know

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Hello guys, today we will go to learn about the Nodejs platform to see what it is? Just like why it is a pretty famous name in the technology world lately.

The content is in this article:

  1. Nodejs concept.
  2. Applications should be written in Nodejs.
  3. Wrong conclusions about Nodejs.
  4. Reasons to confidently use Nodejs.
  5. Which big companies are using Nodejs

An overview of Nodejs

1. Nodejs concept

This is an independent development platform built on Chrome’s Javascript Runtime that we can build network applications quickly and easily. Nodejs has been built and developed since 2009, sponsored by Joyent, based in California, USA. The lower Core part of Nodejs is written mostly in C ++, so the processing speed and performance are quite high. Nodejs creates applications with fast processing speed, real-time. Nodejs applies to products with high traffic, need to expand quickly, need to innovate technology or create Startup projects as quickly as possible.

What do mean Nodejs – CMSmart?

2. Applications should be written in Nodejs

Obviously, it’s not good to just be hot and new as Nodejs, such as an application that needs high stability, complicated logic, PHP or Ruby languages ​​… is still a better choice.

The following are possible applications and should be written in Nodejs: WebSocket server: Web socket servers such as Online Chat, Game Server …Fast File Upload Client: is a high-speed file upload program. Ad Server: Ad servers.Cloud Services: Cloud services.

RESTful API: these are applications that are used for other applications through API.Any Real-time Data Application: any application that has real-time speed requirements. Micro Services: The idea of ​​microservices is to split a large application into small services and connect them together. Nodejs can do this well.

3. Wrong conclusions about Nodejs

First, Nodejs is a platform, not a Web Framework, nor a programming language. Second, Nodejs does not support multithreading, it is a single threaded server. And one more thing, Nodejs is not for beginners but does not know anything about programming, because as mentioned above, Nodejs is not a programming language, to learn Nodejs, you need to know JavaScript, techniques programming, some protocols … etc

4. Reasons to confidently use Nodejs

Nodejs applications are written in javascript, this language is quite a common language. According to the author of Javascript, Ryan Dahl: “Javascript has features that make it very different from the rest of the dynamic programming languages, namely that it has no concept of multithreading, all Single-threaded and event-driven. ”Nodejs runs multi-platform Server platforms, using Event-driven event-driven architecture, the non-blocking I / O mechanism makes it lightweight and efficient. It is possible to run Nodejs application anywhere on Mac – Window – Linux, furthermore the Nodejs community is very large and completely free.NodeJS applications respond well in real time and run multi-platform, multi-devices.

5. Which big companies are using Nodejs.

Amazon, eBay, Linkedin, Microsoft, Paypal, trello, Uber, and many other famous names.

The above is a few information about Nodejs. Hopefully, the article has brought the most overview for you. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you.

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