NodeBB v0.4.1 – A new and remodernized revolution at a glance!

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It’s been very nearly two months since v0.3.2 yet we trust its been justified regardless of the hold up! The NodeBB group is pleased to report the arrival of form 0.4.1, packed with execution updates, new components, and as usual, a huge amount of new dialects!

So, what’s new – and what is cool in NodeBB v0.4.1?


  • New Languages – Polish, Dutch, Thai, Sardinian, Persian, Estonian, and only for no particular reason, Pirate English. NodeBB now underpins 25 dialects, with another three all the more in advancement! If you don’t mind join our interpretation group in case you’re capable in another dialect.
  • Gadgets System – letting you ‘gadgetize’ your work and make it to another level!
  • Day by day Digest messages – for continuous collaboration and improvement!
  • Sound API and Sounds Control Panel – The newest form of algorithms through API and better control panel options – especially for sound!
  • Speedier burden times – the speed issues have been revolutionized – which we were waiting for so long!
  • Speedier moves between pages – again, more speed in-between the pages for more productive work!
  • Speedier restarts – speed in recovery as well!
  • SVG support
  • Select points to check new, much the same as your email customer
  • Delicate reset (gadgets/ plugins/ settings/ all) – you can now reset all forms of plugins, gadgets and settings etc. to another level!
  • Enhanced backing for more established programs (IE8) and old android gadgets
  • Enhanced backing for programs with JavaScript incapacitated (or programs from 1989)
  • Restart your discussion straightforwardly from the ACP – this has also introduced a revolution in productivity and overall integration of all the factors that were missing
  • Subject thumbnails – permit clients to transfer a thumbnail for a theme
  • Different tasteful upgrades to Lavender, which is presently the default subject
  • Better SEO – enhanced web index support and more metadata
  • 68 plugins, 9 subjects, and more than twelve gadgets – wow, isn’t that so cool?
  • A lot more! For more points of interest on what else is new, please allude to Node.js form history or consult with us!

Gadgets System

The gadgets framework is a move and customize interface permitting you to add squares to your topic. For more data observe the first blog entry.

Joined with the custom landing page plugin, one can assemble a redid landing page totally out of a modest bunch of gadgets! How cool is that?

Spring Cleaning

The team behind Node.js experienced the server-side codebase and re-factored a considerable amount of code. The deciding result? Less demanding plugin improvement, speedier burden times, and better internet searcher perceivability. For more subtle elements observe the first issue.

We’ve likewise enhanced our in-house templating motor for considerably quicker front-end rendering velocity!

Finally, Node’s team has been introducing their fifth version on the marketplace – Node v0.5. Asides from the improvements in the v4, we believe to get a lot from the fifth generation!

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