All Items On CMSmart: 3 Days Flash Sale, 15% OFF!

Dear beloved customer! There are many reasons that you missed the opportunity to purchase a sale off on the Black Friday festival past. Don’t worry because today’s short event from CMSmart brings you an interesting new thing. DISCOUNT 15% for ALL PRODUCTS when using code: FLASH12. The Amazing Deals is only three days (from 10 to 12, December 2020) Grab it quickly and get ...

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Don’t Delay And Buy Today – Flash Sale – 15% Off For All

Welcome to lucky November with FLASH SALE event of a whole year from CMSmart! As you know, Covid-19 has not disengaged us yet. So, at first, I would like to greet you and those around you. I hope that everyone is fine. Moreover, our economic situation is seriously affected by Covid-19. CMSmart believes that finances will be the worry of ...

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An overview of Nodejs for those who don’t know


Hello guys, today we will go to learn about the Nodejs platform to see what it is? Just like why it is a pretty famous name in the technology world lately. The content is in this article: Nodejs concept. Applications should be written in Nodejs. Wrong conclusions about Nodejs. Reasons to confidently use Nodejs. Which big companies are using Nodejs ...

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What’s new in Node.JS v5 ?


  Introduction to Node.js v5 Node.js v5 is an intermediate feature release line that is best suited for users who have an easier time upgrading their Node.js installations, such as developers using the technology for front-end toolchains. This version will be supported for a maximum of only eight months and will be continually updated with new features and better performance; ...

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Node v4.2.0 – Stable version released


Node.js v4.2.0 “Argon” (Stable) was released in 2015-10-12, the first release covered under the new Long Term Support plan! As an LTS release, support for v4.x will continue for a period of 30 months from today. This means that individuals and businesses building on Node.js will have a stable and supported platform on which to grow. For more details on ...

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Why Node.js beats Java and .Net for Web, mobile, and IoT apps


Today, I’ll be sharing to you a very great blog from InfoWorld which wrote about the different of Node.JS, Java and.Net. In this article, you will know about Why Node.js beats Java and.Net for Web, mobile, and IoT apps? And now, let’s discover that. Problem No. 1: Java,.Net, or Node.js? As an enterprise dev platform for Web, mobile, and IoT ...

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What is Node.js used for: The 2015 Node.js Overview Report


This is an overview of the current state of Node.js. No coding, nothing hardcore, just a high-level look at this super popular runtime environment. We have sent out a 34-question long survey and reached 285 developers.Here’s the first interesting fact: 267 of them use Node.js regularly in 52 countries. When I saw the results of the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, ...

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One of the great things about Node.js is that it has a built in HTTP server. This means you don’t need Apache or nginx. This means serving a static site can be done in few lines of code. This article goes into how this can be achieved. Express Static Middleware Express has become the defacto Node.js web framework and it ...

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How to extract stacktrace information in Node.js?

Extract stacktrace information in Node

Node.js includes many great features such as clustering, async and many more but one of its defects is bad debugging. I got work assignment to invoke e-mail when any error in my script and I was wondering to put line number and other debug information in the same email. There were many alternative ways to do it and some of them are ...

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7 Awesome Things You Can Build with Node.js


Node.js is not just for making simple websites, but awesome, dynamic, real-time experiences. In this article, i will show you the power of Node.js with 7 awesome things you can do with this. Now, let check it out! 1. Gif Chat Room Node.js is built for making chat applications. Here’s a novel twist. Chrome and Firefox have an API to access ...

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