10 key for a professional e-commerce website (Part 2)


In the previous article, we shared some important key of an e-commerce website. However, that isn’t all, an e-commerce website also needs a feature upgrade to accordant with the needs of users. So what is the next key to helping the success of an e-commerce website? Let’s with CMSmart find out the answer in the below article. Optimize image for ...

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10 key for a professional e-commerce website (part 1)


The business in e-commerce looking for automatic solutions, based website platform to increased effectiveness and reduce cost. To compete in the digital technology boom, it’s important to have a professional e-commerce website. From optimizing the speed of the website to writing compelling content, the below is top 10 standards need to have when creating an outstanding e-commerce website to maximize ...

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5 ways to improve UX of search website in 2019


The search also similar a conversation between user and system. The user shows information need like a question and system shows react like answer combination. Moreover, the search is basic active, an important element to building a website. UX is so necessary and today CMSmart will share with all customers 5 way to improve UX of search website. Let’s follow ...

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How To Setting Get Quote Feature For The Product?


Dear our beloved customers, Quotations are one of the best ways to deal with certain types of purchases and it is very difficult to be played for online purchases. One of the biggest limits of online business, in fact, is the impossibility to negotiate, to do that compromise that should be agreed by both buyer and supplier. And it is ...

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How To Installation WooPanel Plugin – Way 2?


Dear our beloved customers, You are the store/ vendor manager and you want to get everything in the easiest way to know how your business works well or not right from front-end. WooPanel is the right plugin that you must to integrate into your site. Your articles, products, orders, coupons, customers will be arraigned clean and neat to bring you a general ...

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CMSmart Is Pleased To Announce: Release Magento 2 Multivendor Free


Dear our beloved customers, In order to give customers the most practical experience, CMSmart has released the free version “Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2”. And link download here. Although this is only a small feature, it has contributed to the brand of Magento 2 Marketplace integrated multi-vendor package in the past. More importantly, the opportunity to own this super product becomes ...

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What’s new in Node.JS v5 ?


  Introduction to Node.js v5 Node.js v5 is an intermediate feature release line that is best suited for users who have an easier time upgrading their Node.js installations, such as developers using the technology for front-end toolchains. This version will be supported for a maximum of only eight months and will be continually updated with new features and better performance; ...

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Node v4.2.0 – Stable version released


Node.js v4.2.0 “Argon” (Stable) was released in 2015-10-12, the first release covered under the new Long Term Support plan! As an LTS release, support for v4.x will continue for a period of 30 months from today. This means that individuals and businesses building on Node.js will have a stable and supported platform on which to grow. For more details on ...

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Why Node.js beats Java and .Net for Web, mobile, and IoT apps


Today, I’ll be sharing to you a very great blog from InfoWorld which wrote about the different of Node.JS, Java and.Net. In this article, you will know about Why Node.js beats Java and.Net for Web, mobile, and IoT apps? And now, let’s discover that. Problem No. 1: Java,.Net, or Node.js? As an enterprise dev platform for Web, mobile, and IoT ...

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How Nodejs Event Loop Works ?


One of the best advantage of Node.js over other Server side technologies is executing asynchronous code. But how Node.js executes it ? You may have heard of Event loop which helps JavaScript to execute asynchronous code and this post is all about understanding how event loop works. Consider following code. console.log("i am first"); console.log("i am second"); console.log("i am third"); If ...

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