11 Best Hosting Platform for Node.js Application (P2)

For basically, there are two most preferred ways to host Node.js application. And you can also visit CMSmart to consult many themes, solutions, extensions for your site. Managed – You focus on application code and infrastructure is maintained by a service provider. Cloud VM/VPS – you get the OS of your choice where you install, manage, and deploy everything on ...

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Best Hosting Platforms for Node.js Application (P1)

If you own a business that revolves around a rapid environment and wants to be productive, then Node.js is an excellent choice. Node.js is highly scalable and is ideal for building modern applications. This also means that it scales well without investing too much in hardware. Not to mention, it also supports all-time favorite Node Package Manager(NPM). The package has ...

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What is the advantage and disadvantage of the wordpress platform?


Advantages “The solution for the printing website”, WordPress is the second name mentioned. Let’s find out detail about this platform. There are many printing companies has chosen WordPress to build their website because the powerful Functions that it brought. And the super products ” Wordpress Printstore” was using so much. LINK DEMO. WordPress provides a friendly platform with the user in setup, using ...

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Why the business should need an e-commerce website? Part 2

The business and online sale have never been so exciting and powerful. Now, there are millions of people around the world use the internet and consider this is the ideal place to find information, purchase goods, service, the website is considered an online marketing strategy brings high efficiency beside social media site. And in the previous article CMSMART shared with ...

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Why the business should need an e-commerce website? Part 1

E-commerce website allows your business to expand beyond the limit of time and location inherent in running a real store. Business activities need time, patience and hard work. But it also requires attention to important trends in the economy. Almost every company has moved their business into the online world by way of creating a website. However, almost the business ...

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5 ways to improve UX of search website in 2019


The search also similar a conversation between user and system. The user shows information need like a question and system shows react like answer combination. Moreover, the search is basic active, an important element to building a website. UX is so necessary and today CMSmart will share with all customers 5 way to improve UX of search website. Let’s follow ...

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How To Setting Get Quote Feature For The Product?


Dear our beloved customers, Quotations are one of the best ways to deal with certain types of purchases and it is very difficult to be played for online purchases. One of the biggest limits of online business, in fact, is the impossibility to negotiate, to do that compromise that should be agreed by both buyer and supplier. And it is ...

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How To Installation WooPanel Plugin – Way 2?


Dear our beloved customers, You are the store/ vendor manager and you want to get everything in the easiest way to know how your business works well or not right from front-end. WooPanel is the right plugin that you must to integrate into your site. Your articles, products, orders, coupons, customers will be arraigned clean and neat to bring you a general ...

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